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When Miriam died friends brought flowers.  We planted  them in the garden and they blossomed for longer than they should have, until the real heat came in June.  And some joker must have spread wildflower seed all over our yard!  What a year for rare wildflowers, pink bells and 3 kinds of poppies, and unknown big and tiny yellows and whites and blues.  We had never seen such flowers before.  They were especially unusual and plentiful in Miriam’s tree well.

Some friends made contributions in Miriam’s honor.  Others asked us where they could contribute. We created a fund to help professionals learn about breech birth.  We suggested they donate to:

The Farm Midwifery Workshop Program

Miriam Denise Scholarship Fund

Attn: Pamela Hunt

P.O. Box 217

Summertown, TN 38483

931 964 2472

[email protected]


The Midwifery Workshop program was started by the  amazing Ina May Gaskin who received a Right Livelihood Award last year.  The Workshop  trains doctors, nurses and midwives in sane, safe, natural birth.