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What Happened

Miriam Denise lived from the day after Christmas, of 2010, until early September of 2011.  Her life gave us lessons that we can’t imagine learning in another way, and for this and for the deep love we now know, we are grateful.


The short story is that Miri was born precipitously (that means very, very quickly) and we called an ambulance, because we intended the birth to be at a hospital.   Just as Miri was coming out, a young and panicked ambulance doctor arrived, and, misunderstanding the situation, seriously injured us.  Read more…


Miri struggled to live, in hospitals and at home, and sometimes appeared to be healing, gaining weight, crawling a little, enjoying her family, the leaves, the light, the smell of basil, the warmth of the sun.  In her short life she was able to enjoy most of the things all of us enjoy. She touched many hearts, and inspired much prayer.  She passed away without complaint, quietly, in the middle of the night, at the same hour that she had been born.